Thursday, May 28, 2009

Organizational Tip for Cards

I have a tip, based on my current organizational project to help you keep your cards organized and make good use of all those swaps we seem to accumulate.

I have hundreds of swap cards plus my stash of cards that were flowing out of boxes everywhere. I have spent the last couple of evenings making sure the cards are in good shape, adding envelopes if needed, and bagging them into clear bags. I then organized them by occasion in plastic shoebox totes I found on clearance for $1. Now, when I need a quick card or inspiration for a new card, I can find things quickly.

I also kept one nice basket for my most recent creations and swaps so that when my customers come for workshops, they can see the latest things easily.

My next step is to tackle my growing hoard of display boards...

1 comment:

Mrs Rad Wag said...

Do you make your own envelopes for those odd-sized cards? Or do you have a suggestion for where to buy them?

Thank you!

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