Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Have You Heard Our Happy News?

I know I have shared this happy news with some of my friends, but I had to make sure the news was out everywhere.

I have a new "grandbaby." His name is "Diesel," which should come as no surprise for those of you know Adam has his degree in Automotive Technology (or if you have seen the MANY vehicles in our yard over the years!).

My dear son, Adam, has added a sweet little (for now) puppy to his household. I hear there have been some sleepless nights and a few accidents, but so far so good.

He has already learned to "sit." He's obviously a smart boy and get's that from his Grandma, I am sure. Oh, and apparently, my grandson is learning to "drop it" many, many times a day. LOL

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Helen Onulak said...

How cute! Our one cat's name was Diesel when we got him...because he purred like a Diesel engine. The name didn't suit him though and we ended up changing it to Taz...and he's just like Taz...a whirlwind!

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