Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beautiful Day for a Tour!

We headed into town Saturday afternoon to play "fudgies" and take a tour of the replicas of the "Nina" and the "Pinta."

It was a beautiful, sunny day, though a bit breezy on the bay. The crew of these two ships, we learned, are nearly all volunteers. They did a terrific job making us feel welcome and sharing what they knew about these replicas of two of the ships used by Christopher Columbus to sail from Spain to North America in 1492.

Personally, I found that I would not make a very helpful volunteer. Within 10 minutes on board I desperately needed to disembark; I was so nauseous! Ugh! No "sea legs" for me! LOL

P.S. Doesn't my sweetie look like he belongs on a ship? He's so dang handsome!

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