Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rachel Goes to Camp (Again)

Well, once again this summer, we sent our baby off to camp. This time she is spending the week at band camp. It's a good thing she left with two pairs of comfortable shoes. I am pretty sure it's a bummer to spend 7+ hours every day marching in wet shoes!

Here, our baby gives us the evil eye for taking more photos even after boarding the bus for camp. Can you imagine our school had 5 buses full of kids heading off to band camp??? We have about 25% of our high school population in our band. Pretty impressive, I must say.

We can't wait to hear all about her adventures at the end of the week.


Leslie said...

What a beauty. She has your dimples. You know what they say about band students. They can't get into trouble when they are playing an instrument. I have a trumpet and a saxophone in my closet.

Dawn said...

Oh Leslie, you're funny! Rachel just switched from trumpet to baritone. She called tonight and is so sore from holding up that bigger instrument for 7-8 hours a day! And, even with SPF 70 sunscreen, she says she has a farmer's tan.

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