Monday, July 6, 2009

What a Fun Weekend!

Did you all have a great holiday weekend?

We enjoyed most every minute of the long holiday weekend! We started out by having my Mom come for a visit and deliver David from Ann Arbor.

We spent a short time up at the pow wow for our Sault Ste. Marie tribe. We didn't really run into any family, but we all really enjoyed the yummy fry bread!

On the 4th, we took in the parade. Wow! We surely had most of the town there. Who could blame them though as the weather was just perfect! Rachel did a great job marching and playing trumpet. We enjoyed some of our famous Kilwin's ice cream too.

Wayne made a fire in the pit and we cooked "hobos" over the fire. We haven't had those in ages and, gosh, they were delicious!

The evening found us back in town staking out our usual spot to enjoy fireworks for both our town and the town across the bay. What a spectacular view we had on a crystal clear night! I can't wait to develop and scrap those photos!

Back home again, we sat around the fire and made s'mores. Ben, our dog, and Julie, our kitty, enjoyed the great outdoors and the marshmallows (Ben) too!

Today we had Adam and Kasey (and Diesel too) drop by for a visit. Oh my goodness, Diesel is growing so fast! He is such a well-behaved pup and so sweet! Ben and Julie will tell you otherwise, but we sure enjoyed seeing them all.

Monday will find us on the road to return David back to classes at U of M. The girls and I plan to squeeze in a little mall shopping too. I hope the traffic is in our favor!!!

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