Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Little Excitement in the Mix of Daily Life

After 8 years of strictly floor nursing, I am stepping into a new role. I took a chance and made a phone call in response to an ad in our local paper. The community college was looking for an Adjunct Faculty Nursing Clinical Instructor. I am so excited to say I've been hired.

What a great chance to utilize my years of nursing experience and my BSN degree! I am thankful for the new opportunity.

The fun part of the story was the great excuse to choose a professional-looking fall wardrobe with shoes to match. LOL

I've always looked forward to the excitement of this back-to-school time of year. This year it just got a little more exciting. Now, back to my homework!


Amy said...

YAY, Dawn!!! But you're still going to swap, right?

Leslie said...

Yeah Dawn, that sounds wonderful. Good luck to you in your new job. And a new wardrobe - woo hoo.

Laurie said...

It sounds like a wonderful change for you! Best of luck with it.

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