Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big News! Today is the First Goodie Box Day for Jackpot June!

Big news for today, June 2nd, is that it's a goodie box day!!! Today's Goodie Box is priced at $80, but contains a retail value of scrapping and stamping fun worth $200!!! Wowza!

Also, as with the other Jackpot June deals, the shipping is reduced on today's Goodie Box to just $8! How cool, right?

I got mine!!!  I can't for wait for that baby to arrive so I can rip it open and see all the great deals I got loaded in one big box of treats!

So, how are you going to hit the Jackpot this month?
This is my second post for today, so keep reading for more on Jackpot June excitement!

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