Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jackpot June Deal for June 10th: Stamps for Sale!

Today's Jackpot Deal means lots of stamping fun for all!

There are five different My Acrylix stamp sets on sale at just $15 each (which is 35% off their retail price of $22.95).

Plus, if you hit the jackpot and buy the lucky stamp set that triggers the jackpot item, you will also receive the Ribbon Rounds Organizer.

One of the products listed below is the mystery Jackpot item for today. If you order the mystery Jackpot item, we'll send you the Ribbon Rounds™ Organizer (retail value of $16.95 US) for FREE! Order one of each of the items below to guarantee that you will hit the Jackpot!

D1082  Made by Me
D1083  Believe Caps
D1282  He Said, She Said
D1321  Festivities
D1231  Lovely Buckles

Click on the link to view the stamp sets that are on sale today:

I will be posting later with the details of my first Goodie Box that I received yesterday.  It was a real treat!

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