Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why I Shouldn't Leave Home on Friday the 13th

Nothing very artsy about this post. Just sharing my discovery that I should have just stayed home on Friday the 13th.

Apparently, on days like this, it's not even safe to go to the grocery store. We had a nice family BBQ planned with all of the kids home to celebrate Wayne's birthday and to send David back off to college.

Well, after leaving the grocery store with some nice steaks and all the trimmings, the girls and I were greeted by this sight:

I was so near tears with the shock of it.  Apparently, the driver of a camper did the deed.  Thank God she did report it and left her information with an accident report.

After enlisting the aid of a Swiss army knife, we were able to remove the hanging bumper and light assembly to save the $200+ in groceries from the 90 degree heat.

The steaks were delicious and the evening much better than the afternoon!  Now, to hope for quick repairs with need of the vehicle in a week to take our boy and his gear back to college.

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Jayma Malme said...

Oh no! I'm glad it wasn't a hit and run...that happened to me not too long ago. Annoying to have to deal w/ it :( On the bright side, glad u had a nice family BBQ w/ yummy steaks!

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