Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents' Day!

No artwork here today, just a slice of everyday life. Here's hoping some folks are enjoying a day off in honor of Presidents' Day.

The holiday weekend came in handy for us when we had a dishwasher emergency where dear hubby discovered it was leaking quite a bit. So, off to the local furniture store to pick out a pretty new Maytag for the kitchen during a sale going on for the weekend.

Now I know first-hand that a little dish washing by hand never hurt me as a kid, but you should hear my girls protest during this difficult time! LOL I was more than happy to tell them how I was an only who had the distinct displeasure of being the sole dishwasher in our household for many years.

Here is what the new one looks like:

Hopefully our girls' poor hands will survive the wait for this beauty to be delivered later this week!

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