Monday, November 24, 2014

Creative Blogger Award

Today's post was made possible because of a dear, sweet fellow consultant with Close To My Heart, Paige Dolecki, who has honored me with the nomination for the Creative Blogger Blog Hop Tour.  What an unexpected and delightful surprise!  Thank you, Paige!  One of the things that I really love about Paige's art is how she is not afraid to try new tricks and techniques and she loves sharing how she creates her pieces of art so that you can give it a whirl too!  What a generous, fun spirit she has!

Here is a list of some of the recent Creative Blog Tour alumni.  Such a talented bunch of artists and just plain nice people!  By clicking on the artist's name you will be able to visit their blogs and read more about them and their creative process.

Paige Dolecki
Karen Pedersen
Becca Whitham
Hansi Brittain
Marie Flayer
Jody Gustafson
Amy Moore
Karen Day
Morgan Vogt
Brenda Rose
Vicki Wizniuk
Kelly Janes
Amie Kiger
Katy Donaldson Taylor

Here are the question each Creative Blogger gets as well my answers:
1.  What are you currently working on?

As part of my work with my Close To My Heart business, I participate in art swaps with other consultants.  This allows us to each make multiples of our creations, swap with others, and the end result is a large selection of art from a variety of artists.  It is a fun way to make the most of our creative time and it allows us to each showcase lots of great samples of stamps, papers, embellishments, etc.

Here is a peek at my swap card projects for the upcoming December Stamp of the Month: Cutie Pie, which will be the subject of some of my future blog posts, including my monthly entry in the CTMH Stamp of the Month Blog Hop on November 30th!

2.  How does my work differ from others in its genre?

For me, I like to keep things pretty simple.  I like the "clean and simple" look the best.  While I can appreciate fussy, intricate artwork, it is just not my style.  I also like bold colors and feel like they do some of the creative work for me.  I am also very easily bored, so even once I settle on a general design for something I will tend to make multiples of a project to make the most of my creative time, BUT I will change up the embellishments, the placement of some elements, etc.

You can see evidence of this in the swap cards I just finished for next month.  I couldn't stick to just one choice of cupcake image or to just one color combination for coloring them with my Shin Han Touch Twin markers, nor could I settle for just one type or placement of embellishments for these cards!  LOL

3.  Why do I create what I do?

Well, I love all things Close To My Heart!  All of the coordinating options in papers, stamps, embellishments, etc. really appeals to the huge perfectionist streak in my personality!  However, the bottom line reason for why I create is that it is something that I can do just for myself.  In my real life (LOL), I am a wife, mother to four kids, caretaker to a kitty and a turtle, nurse, nurse educator, Master's student, daughter, and too many other roles.  I think you catch my drift.  Creative time is my sanctuary, my allows me to feel like a kid with a new box of 64 Crayola crayons and a fresh coloring book!  Oh, the possibilities are just endless!


4.  How does my creative process work?

I must admit that I spend an extraordinary amount of time researching inspiration for my creations.  I do so LOVE Pinterest, Facebook groups, fellow bloggers' works, and most of all, Close To My Heart's Idea Books and How To books!  Once I find a pattern that inspires me, I sit at my work space, which is at the center of my home right between our dining room and living room, and make 2, 3, or 4 samples until I am happy with my samples and if I am making cards then, 95% of the time, I create at least 6 of the same project.  This makes me happy to have a stash of handmade cards at the ready when I need one.

Now, I would like to nominate my friend, Wendy Coffman, for the Creative Blogger Award.  She will be sharing her post next Monday, December 1st.  I know you will love visiting her blog and enjoying all of her talented creations!

Thank you for joining us on the tour!  Here's one more thought for you before you go:


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Paige Dolecki said...

Love your post Dawn and the peek into your creative mind! Your swaps are ADORABLE and I can't wait to see your SOTM post! Thanks for your kind words and joining me with the Creative Blogger Tour!


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